Guided tours

Your marketing - your return of invest

Guided tours in wonderful landscapes and exclusive cars are the essence of our idea. They combine the aspect of tourism with your production of the vehicle.

The traveler in return is provided with an unforgettable travel experience. You as the provider are given the return for the production process.

Exclusive roadster C7 tours which enable the customer to sit behind the wheel, are a one of a kind idea. An optional convoy consisting of 5 to 7 vehicles guarantees the attention of all onlookers and exclusively you are the one able to offer this unique kind of tour, using vehicles manufactured exclusively by you.

Pick up your tour participants with great style at their hotel. This also guarantees your presence in the road traffic and catches the attention of your potential business partners.

Furthermore, event managers will be interested in renting your whole fleet for certain occasions.

Each guided tour enables you to collect new contacts for potential future businesses, for example requests by new franchisees including requests in the B2B category, for example – get ready!

The steadily rising need for new tourist attractions gives you the chance to greatly benefit from the uniqueness of your offers in the long run.

Begin or terminate your tours in a café, where you offer your guests the conveniences of food and service and a tour guide. This way, guests can get into contact with each other, with your adverts running in the background.

This will help you to achieve new bookings by people who have become newly attracted about your offers on the spot.

Of course, travelers tend to purchase merchandising items as souvenirs. This way, each tour participant becomes your potential advertiser.

Experience-wise, a publically accessible internet-connection is used extensively in order to share positive experiences, such as a unique travelling experience, with friends and colleagues.

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